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Reduce spam by 90% with Mailtraq 2.12

 May 2008

Mailtraq 2.12 email server has introduced a major development for the SMB email server market by incorporating Connection Management to reduce spam by up to 90%.


Anti-spam -- Connection Management and rDNS policy
    Significantly reduce the effect of spam on your server and
    your users with our enhanced anti-spam functionality.
    The recently introduced features have been shown to be
    highly effective without risk of false-positives.

Mailtraq has been the lowest-cost practical alternative to MS Exchange Server since 1997.
The latest version, Mailtraq 2.12 allows SMBs to escape from
Exchange without the risks of going 'open-source'.  Mailtraq provides the Outlook™ features businesses need without the expense or complexity of running MS Exchange™, and comes bundled with 'Corporate Advantage Group Ware' and other Features included in the price.

Plus these major new features also in Mailtraq 2.12

Mailtraq Cluster Gateway 
Mailtraq Clustering software designed to be used by all businesses. Until now clustering email servers for load sharing and resilience was beyond most SMBs. The Mailtraq Cluster Gateway makes it straightforward to do, without requiring additional IT department support.   It is an ideal solution for managing scalability issues - and best of all: the Mailtraq Cluster Gateway is provided FREE of charge.

 *  Anti-virus -- Open source ClamAV support
    Now you can have high-quality anti-virus protection without    requiring a subscription or additional payments to an anti-virus vendor.

 *  Eudora import wizard
    If you support Eudora users, you can now easily migrate their mailboxes to Mailtraq, enabling IMAP and WebMail     functionality with the minimum of effort.

 *  Complete SSL/TLS support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP
    Mailtraq now provides standards compliant security for all     mail services (in addition to our existing HTTP SSL support).    Ensure that your users have reliable, secure and private    access to their e-mail.
 *  Anti-spam -- controllable header line limit to SMTP
    Mailtraq now gives you even more control over the mail    Arriving on your servers.  An administrator set limit on    the number of header lines allows you to add anti-spam    resistance.

 *  Calendar based Autoresponders
    Now you can configure automatic mailbox responses based on calendar events.  This is ideal for automatic vacation     messages.

 *  Mailing List integration for address books & mail groups
    Now a mailing list can also be used to send messages to    mail group members and contacts in address books. 

We could go on

 *  Outlook integration - ICS calendar invitations
 *  Fast HTTP server - no need for IIS
 *  LDAP enhancements
 *  Updated SpamAssassin support
 *  Enhanced Outlook Synchronization
 *  CRM Phrase Libraries
 *  IMAP with Public shared Folders

and there is still much more.  See

For more information about Mailtraq, or Enstar the distributors and support providers of Mailtraq, please contact:

David Rose
Director: Marketing
drose AT 
Mailtraq Distribution
Enstar LLC, 274 Wall St, Hebron, CT 06248 USA
Tel: +1 (860) 228 5292, Fax +1 (860) 228 4096

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