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Plus - neat high-value Business-service features you'll love to use

  • Webmail client
    Webmail for your desktop and for mobile devices - browse your webmail directly using a special lightweight client.

  • Mailing Lists
    Full function high volume Mailing List (CRM Messaging) engine.

  • CRM Phrase Library 
    Store and reuse 'stock-phrases' in webmail - perfect for Customer Service and Sales. Control 'what is said' - increase productivity.

  • Address Control 
    Spam busting by using temporary and concealed addresses on outbound messages

  • Autoresponder control: without admin overhead
    Allow users to - enable, disable, change Out-of-Office autoresponders.
    Integrated calendar control.
    Set time date and repeating.
    Control who receives auto response

  • RSS email feeds
    Build your own Portal and embed your mail feed on your 
    Microsoft's and Google's Personalized search page.

  • NNTP News Server
    Full private NNTP (news/group) server.

  • IM Server
    Private Instant Messenger. Secure, recorded - perfect for closed environments, such as Financial, Legal and Medical Services.

  • Content Barring & Logging
    Control and Alert when banned words or phrases are used in emails - protect against law-suits and avoid unauthorized diclosures.

  • Executable Attachment Protection
    Front line protection against the #1 virus vector





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