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Corporate advantage

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The advantages of using Mailtraq - straight off the shelf - as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

Low license cost


Low TCO with easy Administration

Excellent, friendly Support


Easy to Administer

  • There is no need for specialist training courses to learn to use Mailtraq.
  • Installation is easy - onto any current version of Windows, and a wizard sets up your initial configuration, to give you a secure installation by default.
  • Ongoing administration is straightforward, with easy to use, intuitive interfaces. 
  • Local install or Cloud server installation 

All the Functions you want

  • Full function archiving to fulfill legal e-discovery requirements - not just simple data copies, but complete date-range, text based, search and recover.
  • On-line backup for database security.
  • Corporate disclaimers applied at the Server - can't be 'forgotten'.
  • Authentication against Windows domains for simplified management
  • LDAP directory server for large contact base
  • Direct support for  smartphones for email, calendars and contacts.

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Webmail - Secure Anywhere Access to your mail

  • Webmail - Enhanced Web Access of IE
    Standard webmail - cross browser
    Mobile webmail - direct mobile access
  • Multiple mailboxes  
    Shared mailboxes  
    Shared folders 
    Full text searching  
  • Filters - Filter email into folders   
  • Address books  
    Multi-lingual interface  
    Multi-lingual spell check  
    Attachment handling
  • Contacts and Calendars - Outlook compatible
    Anti-spam controls
  • Mail Profiles:
    Create and manage multiple user-profiles (each with different signatures, reply-to etc)
    Enable Signatures
  • Custom Reply-to address
    Custom From address
    Custom From name
    Custom settings for 'Begin message Replies text'
    Custom settings for 'Begin message Forwards text'
  • Calendars
    Shared and multiple
    Synchronized with outlook
    Repeating events
    Time zone aware
    Reminders and Invitations

PLUS Gateway functions (to other data structures) for SOX and e-discovery compliance requirements

AND Outlook Synchronization (Contacts & Calendars)

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