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Mailtraq is the long-established alternative to Microsoft® Exchange Server for groupware: email, calendaring and co-operation. It installs on both server and desk-top versions of Windows and comes bundled with a series of added-value corporate tools. Mailtraq groupware has been designed specifically to provide today's organizations with the services and tools they need - without the high costs of licensing, administration and support found elsewhere. See groupware services video


Mailtraq groupware will meet the email server and collaboration needs of your organization: large or small. Low license cost, no server CALs, easy administration give you groupware with a low Total Cost of Ownership, whilst still giving you the secure email, calendaring, shared contacts and mobile access you need. Mailtraq allows you to share your mailboxes with other users, and this feature is fully supported by WebMail. Read about Webmail...

Sharing mailboxes
Sharing mailboxes can be useful where there is a team of people with responsibility for handling requests - for example tech-support or sales team. By using a shared mailbox, everyone in the team can see what the others are doing, and you can prevent scenarios where several people respond to the same request, or where everyone assumes someone else is handling the matter.

Groupware Calendar service
The Calendar service in Mailtraq Professional allows individual users to manage their schedules online through Mailtraq's Webmail system. The schedules created with this feature can be shared on a per-user basis - some users can be permitted to view, others to both view and edit.

Groupware Contacts service
Mailtraq Professional users can have multiple Personal Address Books, as well as access to the Global Address Book (which holds contacts shared by all users) and access to the Local Directory.Like calendars, each user has a primary address book (with the same name as their user account) and zero or more secondaries.  Each address book can be shared with a selected group of people.

Authenticate against Windows domain.

This facility, operational on WindowsNT and Windows Server editions, enables Mailtraq to access the operating system user database to perform automatic account creation and password verification, or you can authenticate against Active Directory or LDAP hosted on another machine. 

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 Groupware services video

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