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Mailtraq - the complete email server since 1997 - is your ideal choice. Mailtraq supports Outlook™ and all other standard email clients, such as Thunderbird, Evolution and Eudora. SMTP, POP3, IMAP all with TLS/SSL

Mailtraq Professional email server software is the affordable alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server. Mailtraq  includes all the email services you need - plus Antispam, Anti-virus & Groupware.  More info...

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   SMTP service   POP3 service   Anti-spam & Virus Controls 

Mailtraq's SMTP service installs automatically with a safe default configuration to protect you.

Mailtraq email server has easy to use controls for SMTP Authentication, safe Mail Relaying, SMTP Black & WhiteListing, AbuseControls, 
SPF, DomainKeys, SSL TLS, Routing, Aliases and more. 

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Mailtraq's preconfigured POP3 service is ready for your email clients to collect messages.

Mailtraq email server's POP3 service is fully standards compliant and can be used by all email clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird, Linux Evolution and Macs - and direct from your mobile device, or SmartPhone.

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Mailtraq email server has many features to counter spam & viruses: included - no extra cost.

Greylisting, Bayesian intelligent Anti-spam, SpamAssassin integration, Dynamic Block List DBL integration, Connection Management, Executable-attachment Protection, SPF, DomainKeys and more.

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   IMAP service   Smartphone & mobile Webmail   Collaboration & Groupware 

IMAP stores all configuration and e-mail on the server, for multiple access and easy backup.

Mailtraq email server's IMAP service provides a complete IMAP implementation with shared IMAP with full access controls.
It also supports push-email clients for 'instant' delivery of email to mobile devices.

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Mailtraq WebMail allows access to email just using your web-browser or smartphone.

The intuitive layouts, multiple language support, anti-spam, spell-checking, phrase library, and extensive user Options make Mailtraq Professional WebMail the natural choice for organizations of all sizes.

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Mailtraq email server is the affordable Exchange Alternative, with all the Groupware you need.

Outlook™ integration with Contacts and Calendars. Email with multiple and shared public folders. Share Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Events. Global Address Book & Active Directory integration, plus LDAP services. 

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   Mailing List service   Internet Access Control   Easy management 

Run email marketing and CRM campaigns using Mailtraq's comprehensive mailing list facilities.

Mailtraq Mailing lists, included as part of your License provide a  cost-effective solution for a variety of CRM tasks, from group collaboration to announcements to message distribution and email campaigns.

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Mailtraq Proxy Service makes it easy to control  time wasting the Internet by your users.

Control access to Social Networking sites, video watching, and monitor web activity. This optional service appears to the users' browser to be 'the Internet', and so allows you to control user access to websites.

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Mailtraq has easy to set up configuration plus full remote management & message tracking.

The intuitive interface and multiple wizards make Mailtraq email server quick to set up and easy to maintain. Plus Mailtraq provides excellent system, community and direct Support services to keep you up and running.

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Mailtraq - Complete Email Server works with Mailkeep

  • Does your ISP block port 25?
    Receive email via SMTP even if your ISP wants you to pay extra
  • Don't have a static IP address?
    Receive a full email feed with your dynamic IP address
  • Dialup or unreliable connection?
    We hold your email for you when you aren't online
    Mailkeep Does your organization rely on email ?

    If email is critical to your business then you need reliability and flexibility.  Mailkeep gets your email to you quickly using either a real SMTP stream, which lets you manage every element of email delivery, or an alternate of your choice.  The perfect companion to the Mailtraq email server - total email control for everyone. 

    You never again have to wonder which of your users received a message, or why someone is complaining that they never receive replies.  With Mailkeep, you can do that even if your ISP blocks email delivery to you or only offers dynamic IP addresses. Read more ...



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