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Email server management

Mailtraq is the best Alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server™ because email server management it is so easy. Mailtraq delivers all the functionality and security you need in one easy to administer system. Even if MS Exchange email server was given away, Mailtraq has still a lower total cost of ownership: you simply don't need specialist training to run Mailtraq. It has easy to set up email server management plus full remote configuration & message tracking. The intuitive interface and multiple wizards make Mailtraq quick to set up and easy to maintain, with full controls over all aspects of messaging from content and attachment blocking to mail rules and aliases. See email server management video

Email server managementEmail server management highlights

The console provides the primary email server management interface for all the features in Mailtraq. It also provides a real time display of Mailtraq's activities and enables all stored messages to be viewed. You may use the Console in stand-alone mode. This givers you remote email server management without using Remote Desktop, VNC, etc

Mailtraq can be configured to use any of three database structures: AFV, Firebird/SQL or AFX

Tracking and Reporting
Mailtraq provides multiple professional Feature-based reporting services and live views on the mail server activity. Major features are the Event Viewer giving live access to all transactions and the Outbound Delivery Status option to easily see message delivery issues. Users have direct access to Message Tracking so they can see 'what happened to my message', so reducing the Administrator's email server management burden. Read more about Reporting...

Live Backup
Live or Online back-up is available in Mailtraq Professional from the Options menu, and allows you to back-up Mailtraq whilst it is online or live - without having to shut it down. Online back-up is available from the Options menu in Mailtraq Professional installations running with the Firebird or AFX databases.

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Server management video

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