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Mailtraq provides the ideal email solution for school and college networks, enabling you to give every student safe e-mail and Internet Access* with the minimum of administration.

Coupled with Mailtraq's special educational pricing - up to 50% off listed prices - you will find there is simply no competition. Mailtraq is the only messaging system to provide content filtering for both web access* and e-mail, and the integrated WebMail and Calendaring service means that your machines need no more software than Windows and a browser - and no CALs to worry about.

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A unique E-Mail Address for Every Student

The standard Education License for Mailtraq gives your users the power of Mailtraq Professional's mail services at a fraction of the regular cost. User management is simple: user accounts can be set to expire and be removed automatically when the student leaves, and accounts can be created from student lists.

Content Filtered Web Access and Messaging

Mailtraq can monitor both E-Mail and Web traffic* with both a blacklist/whitelist and dynamic filtering system, which efficiently prevents access to inappropriate material. Keep your students out of inappropriate web sites and prevent them from receiving explicit junk mail.   

Calendaring and Tasks

Mailtraq's powerful calendaring and tasks system, provided via an easy to use web interface, is an ideal tool for managing and distributing information about class timetables, classroom allocation, and other resource and project management.


Controlled Internet Access for Every Student*

Using a single connection (modem, ISDN, DSL, T1 etc) Mailtraq's optional web-proxy* can give every machine controlled access to the World Wide Web. Access control can be applied on a machine-by-machine basis, and all activity is logged.  Read more ...  



WebMail for Education

Mailtraq has always had a close relationship with the educational sector, providing very cost effective solutions tailored for use by students as well as staff. Over the years Mailtraq has continuously introduced features to help schools and colleges make the Internet available to their students.

See our Education Email server section for more information.

Computing Labs

Computers in a laboratory are shared by a large number of students and staff. This makes it unsafe to store personal information on any of them, and it requires all user data to be stored centrally.

Secure and Tamperproof

Normal e-mail clients are simply not equipped to deal with the problems associated with shared computers. There is very little that can be done on client machines to prevent tampering (particularly with software configurations) which is a common complaint for school IT administrators. Mailtraq WebMail is managed entirely on the server, making it impossible for clients to affect other users.

Shared Address Books

WebMail's shared address books are ideal for providing lists of staff and faculties or departments to students. Centrally managed address books also make it easy to make changes that are immediately visible to all the users. Mailslots defined as visible to other users can automatically appear in the address books.

Account Preparation

Mailtraq can generate user accounts from a simple text file, and they can be configured to automatically expire and be removed when the student leaves.

Easy To Learn

WebMail's simple user interface is the perfect way to introduce students to the concepts of e-mail, without exposing them to the complexities of most modern software.

WebMail is part of Mailtraq

Because WebMail is so tightly integrated with Mailtraq, features such as the powerful content barring, reporting and account quotas are a part of the WebMail service. 


All Mailtraq licenses are permanant - not an annual charge.

We offer discounts for Educational Licenses:

Schools: K-12 (USA),  Reception to Year 13 (UK), or local equivalent.

We offer Mailtraq at a significantly reduced price -
- a full 50% discount off the normal prices shown here on Mailtraq Professional 100-user licenses and above, with Premium Support

General Support licenses are also available...

We also offer additional discounts for School District (multiple-school) licenses - please contact us for details.


Higher Education: Universities and Colleges etc

We offer a 25% discount off Mailtraq Professional licenses with Premium Support for 25-users and above.



Mailtraq licenses come with 12-month's Upgrade Protection. You may renew your Upgrade Protection on an annual basis for 30% of the current full license cost.

You must have valid Upgrade Protection to use Support services.

Support is available in General and Premium options.
No Education discount is available on  General Support licenses.

How to Purchase

Elegibility: Proof of educational status (e.g. Board of Education or Local Education Authority accreditation, or similar) must accompany your order. Educational discounts apply to initial orders only.

Due to the elegibility requirements for this product, please contact us for License Purchase, Requisition or Purchase Order requirements and to arrange payment:
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*Read more about the Mailtraq Web-proxy here.

The Alternative to Microsoft
Exchange Server™

Mailtraq is the best choice for an email server in a school because it is so easy to administer. Mailtraq delivers all the functionality and security you need in one easy to manage system.

Even if MS Exchange email server was given away, Mailtraq has still a lower total cost of ownership: you simply don't need specialist training to run Mailtraq.




A beginner's guide to email servers.

See screenshots



Educational Email Tools

The Mailtraq email server provides a series of tools for managing email in the educational environment.




Content Barring

Multiple address books

Internal IM with logging




Configuration tips

Mail Groups


Control Web Access 


Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are the perfect way to send messages to students, parents or staff. Mailtraq provides wizards to make it an easy task to create Announcement lists, Distribution lists and Sharing lists.

Mailtraq provides very comprehensive mailing list facilities, equal to most dedicated expensive list processing software. Read more ...





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