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Tech Notes

Mailtraq installs with ease onto Server or desktop editions of Windows. An installation wizard takes you through the install process and in a few minutes you will be up and running.

Product Tours
In addition to the getting-started wizard, there are Product Tours (available here) that step you through installation and configuration

Using the Trial version
If you are new to running a mailserver there is a Guide to assist you. The trial version also has an on-screen help-sheet (see here) to assist you with additional configuration, and when you are ready to buy there is no reconfiguration required when you move to your permanent license.

There is an extensive Knowledgebase with articles on all aspects of managing Mailtraq, an essential FAQ page to help with any initial questions you may have and detailed feature by feature data-sheets right here on the website.

Evaluating in parallel
If you already have another mailserver installed see: How to test Mailtraq on your network

AExample Console screenshotll the Services you need

  • Mailtraq Professional is a fully standards compliant mail server, designed to be the primary mail server for your domain/s.
  • SMTP, POP3 and IMAP provide full mail services.
  • SyncML support for BlackBerry devices 
  • A full function web-server (there no need for IIS™) provides a complete WebMail system for all your local and remote users, and hosts your websites.
  • Cluster Gateway server for Load-sharing, IP-sharing and multiple locations
  • Anti spam controls - a full suite of Bayesian anti-spam, Dynamic Black Listing and barring controls
  • SpamAssassin integration.
  • DomainKeys, SPF, and SMTP-connection controls to block Spammers.
  • Anti-virus integration with leading professional-grade A-V engines.
  • LDAP Directory Server
  • and more.

With all the Controls you want

Multiple domain control
Integrated 'live' backup
Event logging
Free Disk Space monitoring
Internet Connection controls
Dial-up Connection (RAS) support
Message import wizard
Deleted object purge controls

SMTP Authentication
Mail Relay Controls
Dictionary attack prevention
Unverifiable return path contol
Unresolvable HELO controls
Large message safety
Non-local sender rejection control
SMTP black and white lists
Message passthrough for archiving
Message gateway to disk

Incoming mail controls
Mail Content barring
Message re-writing and sorting
Backscatter prevention
ETRN & ODMR support

POP3 Collection services
POP3 black and white lists
POP3 mail filtering
POP3 Service connection control

IMAP service control

Outlook MAPI-client & SyncML support

Webmail administrative controls
HTTPS webmail service
Multiple domain control
Customization and Source code access

Bayesian anti-spam engine
SpamAssassin integration
SPF and DomainKeyssupport
Executable attachment control and rewriting
DBL support


Archiving - multiple databases
Pass-through for Archive-only support
Gate to disc
Moderate transport

Outbound mail queue control
DNS cache control
Mail route control
SMTP client control
Route throttling

RSS mail out-feed

LDAP server
Local Directory
Multiple Address books
PAB sharing

User management controls
Privilege controls
Mailbox and User templates
Import users
Active Directory support

Mail Groups for mail management
Mailbox size, age usage
Auto expiry
Auto purge and junk deletion

Anti-virus integration

Content Barring
Email barring
Email monitoring
Website barring
Website monitoring

Full Web Server
Full FTP Server

IM Server
Mail notifier
Directory access

Cluster Gateway
Load sharing
Multiple locations






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