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30 Day Full Trial

Download a 30 day trial version of Mailtraq Professional
50-user to evaluate in your organization.

The trial download is a fully functional version of Mailtraq, so you can fully configure it and use it in a live scenario. This trial does not put any branding on messages, and acts just as the fully licensed product, apart from the 30 day time limitation. The trial also includes the optional Web Access Control.

Help and support

If you need help during your evaluation, our pre-sales enquiry team will provide free assistance. However, nearly all basic issues are covered in the FAQ and Features section of the website. There is also immediate support from the Support section of this website, where there are Knowledgebase articles, as well as access to pre-sales support.

Getting Started Wizard
A step-by-step wizard will help in getting Mailtraq up and running in minutes, and the FAQ answers common questions.

If you already have a mail server and want to see how Mailtraq compares see this article on 'Testing Mailtraq'

After the evaluation - going live

When you have completed your evaluation, you can purchase a license - which will work without a time limit. Simply return to the site and purchase the license you require. You will be able to keep all the configuration settings made during your evaluation period, so the transition from trial to operation is seamless - to activate all you need to do is enter your new Installation ID into the Help | About Mailtraq dialog.


Using your download

You'll need an Installation Id

You will see this dialog during Installation: Select the 30-day trial





You'll see this dialog during installation. Click the link indicated to get your FREE Installation Id. 

Please be sure the Windows Firewall is enabled before running the installer.


Windows 2012 trial download
Click here to get your free Installation Id 

After you have logged in you can start a 30-day trial by clicking Purchase or Try on the left of the page - this will provide a download button and your Installation Id 


You'll complete a short form to get your Trial Installation Id to use in the Activate Mailtraq box. 


Start your evaluation now:

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